Minggu, 22 Mei 2011

Motif Batik Indonesia

The discussion this time is the Motif Batik Indonesia, which is a style of art that depict the diversity of colors that poured over the cloth by using a media night / wax. Postings on Motif Batik Indonesia itself we picked up for you all to love domestic products that are of good quality.

Currently, Indonesian batik motifs and types on the market is extremely diverse and can be found in a clothing store or also through the medium of online stores on the internet, it describes the Indonesian batik is more loved by the people of Indonesia. In fact, not infrequently the introduction of Indonesian batik shirt up to the level of foreign intensively conducted by the government as part of an elegant introduction to Indonesian culture and polite.

Type and type Batik Indonesia's diverse regions showed typical batik maker itself, such as Pekalongan Batik cobtoh familiar with design and soft material or Batik Yogyakarta which is becoming a cultural center of Java Batik Jogja introduce a very interesting and suitable for use all atmosphere.

For those of you who want to find image Batik, then you might come across on the internet as your reference material, many sites that trade in Indonesian batik Batik Online Internet that is always up to date Batik Indonesia, so many people who feel very proud to wear domestic products such as Batik Indonesia.

if you want to see some kind of Indonesian batik pictures, so here are models of batik clothes that we have outlined;

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  1. makasih infonya kak
    kunjungi blog aku ea motif batik

  2. Thanks for sharing.. Kalau anda mau tahu lebih banyak tentang ragam motif batik yang ada di Indonesia, anda bisa mendownlod E-Book dari Fitinline..